Anya Gallacio Burn, 1996

Ready for Halloween

Don’t let the mixed signals fool you. Indecision is a decision.


Me drawing at the Common Ground Fair on Saturday. Thanks so much to all who came by the Taproot booth to say hello! I had a lovely time. 

I love the pictures of you on your blog, because you always smile so nicely :)


aw that is so lovely, thank you!! ^-^

Hi miss sailor-sloth! I have a problem: i broke up with my gf more than a month ago and I'm fine with it bc we weren't made for eachother etcetc. The problem is that i still think of her in a..."hot" way? Like i still find her attractive and sometimes i lose myself thinking of her, mostly before sleeping. Do you think it means something?? And how could i stop it? It's embarassing and i feel a loser, i don't even seem to find other girls attractive!! Thank you for your help, Miss. T.


I think this is just an instance of time healing everything. It’s fine you find her attractive still, I’m sure she is! Focusing on how to stop will only fuel the thoughts (the old don’t think of a white bear trick, then suddenly that’s all you can think about) and you’ll just feel guilty for thinking about her. just remember this will pass. It doesn’t matter that you can’t find other girls attractive, you really liked your gf and things like that take a while to go away. I would suggest not seeing her as much as you can, it’s harder to get over someone when you’re always talking to them but apart from that just know things will be so different soon, but in the meantime everything you are going through other people have experienced and it will all work itself out :)